Sunday, August 22, 2010

Squall Leonhart Dissida FF (Model)

Finally, finished this guy off with some hastily cobbled instructions. if you have any problems constructing him, let me know and I'll try to help you out as much as I can :D

I took so long over this. Gonna blame TF2 for being too awesome a game. XD

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Squall Leonhart Dissida FF

AKA, 'That Guy".

I haven't got the layout quite figured out yet, (it's buildable, but confusing) so I'm working on that first. You can see I made a few mistakes with the scaling of his necklace (lol) and the gunblade is missing the safety... because somehow it broke off and I lost it. XD;;;

What a disaster. Anyway, I'll have it up as soon as I can tear myself away from my new TF2 obssession. O_<...

People who are concerned about ink and paper, rejoice! While he's the same scale as all the other DFF crafts from my awesome senpai-tachi, he prints out on 12 pages, since he doesn't wear anything big and dress-like.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sephiroth, Dissidia Final Fantasy

._. Finally finished writing some scrappy instructions for this model. D: oh man. I'm terrible at that stuff. I hope it doesn't actually confuse people more than helping them T_T;;

aaaand..... bonus papercraft!

Download it here

Kaizo's adorable moogle doll. Isn't it a cute one?

Well, happy 4th July you guys ^^

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cloud by Ninjatoes

Download the template here!

I had to make Cloud, I had to. FF7 provided me hours and hours of entertainment, (as did Kingdom Hearts), especially trying to get all the stuff like Omni Slash and W-summon.

And I suppose, making him dress as a girl...


This is a really gorgeous template by Ninjatoes. The size is manageablely small, yet large enough to not make you completely give up at the details. The most fun part of construction is the hands!

He now stands proudly guarding my... uhh TV. Watching me make more crafts.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

WoW Sheep

Download him here

I'm redoing the layout for Dissidia Sephiroth, but I got sidetracked by the WoW model viewer and ended up doing this. Yes, there is already a template for this at WoW papercraft, but by the time it occured to me that someone had to have done the fluffiest cutest critter in the game, I was already slicing into my printout. -_-;;

Never mind. I'm a mage. I should be able to sheep something by myself, right? Right? ._. either way, the legs are fully attached to the main body for this draft.

I wish the model viewer wouldn't export 3 layers worth of faces for character models. :/ Sylvanas and Alexstraza are so pretty, I want them in my room. FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES.

And just for laughs, my sad little mage whom I abandoned halfway through WOTLK to play a belf hunter. It's ok. I quit the game anyway.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Chamoo's Vivi

I love Vivi to pieces. My favourite FF9 character ever. Chamoo's design is ingeniously simple and elegant. Really had fun making this one.

But I messed up his arm and stuff, and made him from far thicker card stock than necessary. D:

The first pepakura I did this year

... Was Fezco's Tonberry. He's so cute. I'd cuddle him if he hadn't been made from typing paper and school glue.

I wasn't being very serious when I made him, so typing paper and a near dead glue stick was all I had. Second papercraft I ever ever made and he really got the ball rolling. XD The lamp is just precious.

The quality of the layout is apparent once you download it-- I wasn't using instructions (were there any? I can't recall.) but just the print out and the PDO for construction. T_T mmm so logical. if I can only find my first pepakura (Jack Frost from Atlus) but I suspect he didn't survive when I moved places in 2004. :(

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sora (KH2, Halloween Town)

Download it here:
(includes Decisive Pumpkin keyblade)

First papercraft after consulting the masters Kaizo and Fezco, who taught me from scratch and with infinite patience. ._. Thanks guys! I know, I'm a terrible student lol. Things haven't changed since HS.

It's not perfect, and it's a little on the large side, but I guess jumbo crafts aren't for everyone. Thanks to anyone who had the patience to download and make this.