Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sephiroth, Dissidia Final Fantasy

._. Finally finished writing some scrappy instructions for this model. D: oh man. I'm terrible at that stuff. I hope it doesn't actually confuse people more than helping them T_T;;

aaaand..... bonus papercraft!

Download it here

Kaizo's adorable moogle doll. Isn't it a cute one?

Well, happy 4th July you guys ^^


  1. Hello! I've been making your Sephiroth papercraft and I'm stuck on a pretty simple part. Everything up to the collar has been cake but I can't figure out how it's suppose to fold. ;_; Do I fold it back on itself? I can't get the angles to line up or the pop look it's suppose to have. Is there anyway you can explain it to me or post a vid on youtube or something? Any help is greatly appreciated! I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I hate to just half ass this one part.

  2. ah! yes you do fold the collar on itself. the two ends fold inwards toward the center :D you will then have the basic shape of the collar.

  3. Hi, Im a biiig Sephiroth Fan and your artwork are amazing!!! But im can´t download him from this link, please you can help me??

  4. Hi there! What's the difference in your templates for Sphiroth (lined and lineless)?